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Dec 2005 : Capt Howard with a pair of Seabass to 6 lbs F/V APHIS
Dec 2005 : Capt Larry With a Nice pair of Seabass F/V APHIS
Dec 2005 : Nice Tog(11.25) caught by Paul Hilton F/V Emilly S
Nov 2005 : Bigmahi with late season BigSeabass
Nov 2005 :Bigmahi with late season Bigtuna
Oct 2005 :Paul Marcy wth a nice Tuna F/V Offensive Tack
Oct 2005 :Bob Benzenberg 9.4 lb Fluke on 9/4/05 F/V Emili S
Oct 2005 :Pool Winners R. Leonardi & Murray
Oct 2005 : The Crew on the Orient Express Bass Trip
Oct 2005 : Ron L. with a 5lb 5oz Seabass caught on the F/V Bluejacket II
Oct 2005 : Jimmy C. with a nice Pollack
Oct 2005 :Capt. Mikey & Freddy with a 22lb. Mahi...Hudson Canyon F/V Mikey Likes It
Oct 2005 :Pete Mancini with pair of Tile fish
Sept 2005 :Jeff & Chris with 90 lb BFT
Sept 2005 : Mep Zullo hooked up bigtime to a nice Bluefin on the Mikey Likes It
Sept 2005 : First keeper mako in 3 yrs. caught at the Yankee 178lbs. Thanks Rick Hinners "LIVIN LARGE"
Aug 2005 : Anthony scarpantonio some nice fish on a canyon trip with some buds
Aug 2005 : Capt Larry W/ 118 Sword on light tackle F/V aphis
Aug 2005 : Jacqueline with a nice bass she caught aboard the F/V Corazon
July 2005 : Zacks Bay Flotilla (you can read the last page now)
Aug 2005 : Arnold, Mike & Joe w / 3 of 15 Fluke caugh F/V Mike's Mistress
Aug 2005 : Nice sight while Shark fishhing
Aug 2005 : Freddy W/ our First White Marlin @ Baltimore Canyon F/V Mike Like It!
Aug 2005 : Gabbie & Friend with a brace of respectable Bass F/V Corazon
Aug 2005 : Jackueline Toback with one of many keeper Fluke F/V Corazon
Aug 2005 : Domnick Simonelli holding a 8.7 lb F/V Penguin
Aug 2005 : Cholera Fluke F/V "The Betty" Tim Sherman
Aug 2005 : Cholera Fluke F/V "The Betty" Peter Mcevory
Aug 2005 :BFT caught in Glouster MA F/V OILBURNER
Aug 2005 :By club member Rick Dillworth 420 lb & 387 lb
Aug 2005 :By club member Rick Dillworth 420 lb & 387 lb
July 2005 :145 lb. Thresher. Aboard the PENGUIN
Aug 2005 :Crazy Alex Fisher with dogfish sushi, aboard the PENGUIN
July 2005 :Sarah Bollaci and Dad with her first bluefin tuna of 20lbs
July 2005 :Jeff Yapalater, bigmahi, w/ 48 lb Albie F/V"Wasabi" at the Canyon Letters
July 2005 : Don Morin 10.33 lb Fluke (Calcutta Not) Caught on the Trade Winds
July 2005 : Bob Panda with a 8 1/2 lb Fluke
July 2005 :Capt George Sinerco with a Blue Fin FV Terry M.
July 2005 : Capt Tony and the Gang on the NEW Misty
July 2005 : Capt Tony and Crew
July 2005 : Capt Larry and Crew
June 2005 : Stefani Ann with their 321 Thresher...1st place Woodcleft Shark                                               Tournament Capt Anthony Jr.,Anthony Sr., Capt. Chaos, & Dave
June 2005 :Captain: Ray Stanek Crew:Kevin Stanek, Bob Matos, Ed Kudder                                          F/VAdventuer II
June 2005 : FTC Member Ray Stanek 284 lb mako First Freeport Hudson Tourament
June 2005 : Dick Morro 9lb 5oz Fluke & John Carroll 15lb 5oz Fluke
      June 2005 : Tom Schwender 7lb 11oz Fluke
June 2005 : 9.6 lb Fluke taken by Jamie Smith on Rich McMahon's Knot Bad during the Spring Rodeo
May 2005 : The knot so little Bell and Tim Sherman
May 2005 : The knot so little Bell and Tim Sherman
Apr 2005 : The Cod Trip