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Dec 2006 :Scott Schaffer "Runaway Charters" Seabass Orgy II

Dec 2006 :Scott Schaffer "Runaway Charters" Seabass Orgy

Nov 2006 : Video of 306 Mako caught aboard the PENGUIN

Nov 2006 : Thanksgiving Mako 306 lb F/V Penguin

Oct 2006 :Andrew, Capt. Bob & Ryan with "Joint Effort" bass

Oct 2006 :Charlie Goldstein with a bass caught on the BluejacketII

Oct 2006 :Billy Hines with a bass caught on the BluejacketII

Aug 2006 :Ralph with a 30lb bull on the Mikey Likes It Mid Atlantic 500k
Aug 2006 :50lb wahoo Mikey Likes It Babylon Invitational Aug 2006

Aug 2006 : Woody Anderson and his Skate Hat fashion statement

Oct 2006 :Congradulation Doug Toback's on your 50 lb Bass

Sept 2006 : Sunrise at 100 sq F/V Margaritabill

Aug 2006 : Brenden's 1st Mako captured aboard the NIKKI ANN

Aug 2006 : Bigmahi with Canyon White Marlin

July 2006 : Rob R with a nice Tilefish

Aug 2006 : 6.75 lb Fluke caught on F/V Splitshot

Aug 2006 : 224 Mako F/V findictive, Angler-Tony Scarpantonio, Capt.Rob, Danny and Chris

Aug 2006 :404 Blue Finn F/V Oilburner

Aug 2006 :Ken Kapner on a Tuna in the Babylon Invitational

Aug 2006 :Boys from the "Findictive" Rob,Pete,Danny,and Manny on the cover Noreast

Aug 2006 : 14 YFT 43 to 57 lbs. Capt. Rob R, Pete, Cefai & Danny Carroll F/V Findictive

Aug 2006 : Mike & Don with limit of Fluke F/V Splitshot

July 2006 :38.52 lb bass Fish caught by Mike Sullivan in Shinnecock on the Bluejacket III

July 2006 : 30 lb Chinook caught by Eugene Pierce in Kenai River in Alaska

July 2006 : Captain Dominick Amendolaro 48lb mahi mahi in COSTA RICA

July 2006 : 131 lb Mako w/Jim, Joey and Pete F/V Blackcloud

July 2006 : Tilefishing on the Mikey Likes It

June 2006 : Captain Adam, Tony, Earl and Dan with 364 lb Thresher caught on F/V Hooker

July 2006 : Joe Burkland with 8 lb 7 oz Fluke on F/V Splitshot

June 2006 : Alex Howell with 126lb. Mako f/v Mikey Likes It

June 2006 : 11 lb 4 0z Fluke caught by Bob Benzenberg F/V Fish-n-Whitetails

June 2006 : 8 lb 6 oz Fluke caught by Don Granger SW 40' JI F/V Splitshot

May 2006 :Anthony Testa bass released on 5-17 in Raritan Bay

May 2006 :Four Bells bass" Dad and I on the same day with stripers ranging from 17-24 lbs

May 2006 :Four Bells bass"Al C, Al's brother Charlie, and Harry W. on Memorial Day

May 2006 : 5lb Seabass taken at Hempstead Reef by Tommy C

May 2006 :Tim Sherman with 40 lb wahoo caught at Tropic Star Lodge in Panama

Apr 2006 : Ed Perry running home from offshore

Apr 2006 :Danny Carroll, caught two big amberjack's 63lbs& 55lbs

Feb 2006 : Congratulations to Joe "Hot Tuna" Steiner Pending Club Record LMB 7lb 11oz

Jan 2006 :P. Marcy w/120 lbs Pacific sailfish Playa Heradura,Costa Rica
Jan 2006 :Rick Dillworth fishing in Aruba
Jan 2006 :Rick Dillworth fishing in Aruba