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Dec 2008 FTC members aboard the Persuader II limit out on TOG

Nov 2008 : Club members Howard Berman and "2 Bells" with opening day bag limit

Nov 2008 Bob Schmitt with an 11 lb. & 9 lb. tog caught aboard f/v Sea Rogue

Nov 2008 Testa boys with Veterans Day cod and tog

Oct 2008 New Member Gerard Amitrano with a 10 lb Blackfish F/V "Knot 2 Worry"

Nov 2008 : 236 lb Mako taken west of the Yankee 11-8-08 aboard the F/V PENGUIN  

Nov 2008 Capt. Grover with an 8 lb. black fish caught aboard f/v Sea Rogue

Oct 2008 : Capt Paul "Rocket Fish" - Bass under the bunker caught in cast net

Oct 2008 Anthony with a nice 8 lb MTK  tog

Oct 2008 Capt. Bob Schmitt with a pair of 8 lb. black fish fishing a local wreck

Oct 2008 : R Bohlert and Capt. B Bohlert w/bass from the bunker schools. F/V Joint Effort

Oct 2008 : Anthony Testa jr with a nice Montauk fall bass

Oct 2008 : Angela Testa with her first keeper and personal best bass, 31.2 lbs .

Sept 2008 : VP Joe Jahn & Club Secretary Chris Bellinzoni rest atop Chris 300 lb Black Bear

Sept 2008 : Congratulation to Joanna Sherman 35 lb Bass at Montauk F/V Grand Slam

Sept 2008 : Capt Krug with Bass to 40 lbs F/V Persuader III

Sept 2008: 9 lb 1 oz Fluke caught by Joe Mnagiapanello On the F/V Crazy Giuseppe'

Aug 2008:Tommy Schwender 13 lb Fluke

Aug 2008: Vincent Testa's personal best Fluke 7.9 lbs

Aug 2008:M. Sullivan & J. Price with winning in Molar's Fluke shootout

Aug 2008:Brittany with her 1st fluke - ever. A 23.5 incher...(the fish)

Aug2008:FTC Crew aboard F/V Freedom 2 Bigeyes landed

July 2008 : 92 lb Bluefin F/V Kristen

July 2008:Don Granger's Combo plate 6.5 lb Fluke & 3.5 lb Seabass F/V Splitshot

July 2008 : Catch & Release 42.5 lb Bass Capt Eugene Pierce Montauk

July 2008 : Paul Marcy w/ 28.5 lb Bass F/V Rocket Fish Capt Paul Noto

July 2008:Pete Mcevoy 9 lb 12oz Fluke caught on F/V Permanent Waves

June 2008 : Capt Sean Libby 439 lb Thresher

June 2008 :    Capt S. Libby, Al Caccamo,Mike Downey, Pat & Matt Quinn  439LB Thresher

June 2008 : 152 lb Mako F/V Aurora

June 2008 : Woodcliff Tournment 208 lb Thresher Joint Effort II

June 2008 : Lady E Mako 193 lb

June 2008: Joe Jahn, Chris Bellinzoni, and John Gerrity with a nice catch of bass
taken during Saturday night's passing storm

June 2008 : 39.7 lb Bass caught by Mike Sullivan

June 2008: Anthony and Vincent with Jamacia Bay Bass

May 2008:Purposed Subway cars for the Hempstead reef

May 2008:Angela Testa with her personal best Fluke 7.3 lbs.

May 2008:The Big ONE 160 lb Tarpon

May 2008:Bob, Chris & Christopher nephew Mike boated 7 Tarpon between 120 - 160 Lbs

May 2008:Bob Hindenlang 130 Lbs Tarpon on spinning tackle

May 2008: Anthony and Vincent Testa with opening day keeper fluke @Montauk

April 2008 : First Tuna 2008

April 2008: Alan Z with with a nice catch of Flatties from Jamaica bay

April 2008 :FTC member Rob Solberg on his tremendous MonkFish 59.3lbs

Feb: 2008 Bobby Krug on the cover LI Fisherman

Feb 2008 Movie 2008 Runs 15 min

Jan: 2008 Click on the Norest Cover

Jan 2008:Striped Marlin Los Cabos, Mexico- app weight 170 # Capt Paul N. Rocketfish

Jan: 2008 Alan Z with pool fish on F/V Angler Xpress