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Nov 2009we are not just TUNA ...........WERE TURKEYS TOO!

Nov 2009 Schwender Bass at Montauk F/V Bluejacket

Nov 2009 Fishers Island Blackfish Charter Capt. Jim Krug

Feb 2009 Senator Schumer with Capt Larry Festa & Bob Pandy @ NYSF Show

Aug 2009 : FTC Booze Cruise

Nov 2009 Quack Quack Chessie in action

Jun 2009 : Club Record Tiger Shark, Angler - Sean Libby Capt - Ralph Drewes F/V Oceanic

Nov 2009 7lb Blacks from AB reef day before Thanksgiving. F/V Permanent Waves

Nov 2009 Our treasurer after battling brusier Blackfish in Orient

Nov 2009FTC charter Montauk Blackfish F/V Persauder III

Nov 2009 Capt. Bob Bohlert F/V Joint Effort - 7.98lb local Tog

Nov 2009 4 Bellz Bellies Bass

Nov 2009 : 327 pound Mako on F/V Hooker

Nov 2009 9.5 and 8.8 lb. blackfish caught aboard F/V Sea Rogue

Nov 2009 3 of 13 bellied bass on the Bar F/v Splitshot

Nov 2009 : Yankee Clipper 247 lb Mako F/V Kristen   

Oct 2009 Pair of 7+ lb. Blackfish F/V Sea Rogue

Oct 2009 : Dave Pincus, CANYON LADY double header tile fish 12 & 35 pounds   

Oct 2009 : Team Sherman with 1st & 2nd place Bass in the Grady-White Tournament out of the Kismet Inn on Fire Island

Oct 2009:Chicken Canyon Bluefin F/V Oceanic

Oct 2009:182lb. BigEye F/V Oceanic

Oct 2009 : Mako Cape May NJ 1 F/V Oceanic  

Sept 2009:Capt.Grover  DOUBLE KNUCKS II 

Sept 2009:175 lb Big Eye, Captain Mike Dixon, John Payne & Eric Scola F/V MIKAT

Sept 2009: Ray Stanek and Paul Sposato F/V Adventurer II

Sept 2009:51 pound Chicken Canyon Bluefin F/V NIKKI ANN

Aug 2009:Last Day Fluke Bob Pandy

Aug 2009:Tim Sherman Alaska Fluke

Aug 2009:Zack's Bay Roundup 2009, Produced by Lady Babs

Aug 2009:99 lb bigeye dressed. Bigmahi

Aug 2009:Nick Bruens 7.22 Fluke caught on F/V ReelNauti

Aug 2009:John & Billy Salmon trip to Lake Ontario lake Trout

Aug 2009:Don Granger W/ 11.2 lb Fluke F/V Splitshot

Aug 2009:John Rooney with nice Yellow Fin F/V Shark Hunter

Aug 2009: Billy Hines Mahi on F/V Shark Hunter

Aug 2009Vincent with his first Mahi

Aug 2009: Charlie Goldstein 6.4 lbs Fluke F/V Splitshot

Aug 2009AZ with 2 nice Fluke to 7.4 lbs F/V Splitshot

Aug 2009 6 lb. Seabass caught aboard Capt. Bob Schmitt's  F/V Sea Rogue

Aug 2009 5.4 lb Seabass F/V Splitshot

July 2009 : Jeff Balcourts 45lb14oz Bass F/V OFF THE HOOK

July 2009: 176 lb Mako on the F/V Hooker

July 2009:Alan J Evelyn first blue fin taken

June 2009 Mike w/two nice Seabass caught on F/V Splitshot

July 2009 : Charlie G. 35 Lb bass aboard the Bluejacket II in the Montauk rips.

July 2009 : Michelle Sullivan pending world record 17 lb. 8 oz. bass on 2 lb test line

July 2009: Pete DiThomas catch of fluke & Seabass

July 2009: Charlie Goldstein w/ Fluke trip by catch F/V Splitshot

June 2009 Mike w/two nice Seabass caught on F/V Splitshot

June 2009 : Barry Fink 42lb Bass

June 2009: Battle of the Blues and Bass vs Bunker F/V Rocket Fish

June 2009 : Shinnecock bass boated on 2 lb. test F/V Little Jacket

June 2009: Kristen Mangiapanello's first striper F/V Crazy G

June2009: 23 1/2 inch fluke caught on an original Jiggsy rig in the back bays F/V Balcourt

June 2009: Club trip on the Prime Time

June 2009 : Kyle's first Bass w/Uncle Bob F/V Joint Effort

May 2009: Jonathan Massa First Bass on F/V Shark Hunter

May 2009:Ryan and Dad on the F/V Blue Jacket II

May 2009: Christopher Bellinzoni decks this 130 Lb Class Tarpon 

May 2009:Joe Jahn and Al Casiano reviving a 100lb Tarpon

May 2009: Knot to Worry Gerry Ammo

May 2009: Anthony and Vincent MTK Fluke

Apr 2009 : Passed on Cod trip better have your head examined by Dr Pandy

Apr 2009 : 2009 FTC annual long range cod trip