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Nov 2010 Bob Hindenlang with 11.75 lb Tog

Oct 2010 Catherine Bohlert's first Blackfish trip! FV Joint Effort

Oct 2010 27.7 lbs  Striper Chris Scarpantonio  F/V Emma Jo  outside jones inlet

Sept 2010 Tim Sherman Daughter Emily with Montauk Bass

Aug 2010 Anthony Testa Jr with his personal best 9.0 lb fluke

Aug 2010 Bob Sabella 9 lb Fluke Current Calcutta Leader

Aug 2010 Bob Pandy 23 lb Lake Trout

Aug 2010John Koenig with a nice 27 lb King Salmon

Aug 2010 Billy Hines with a 34 lb King Salmon

Aug 2010 Bob Pandy 32 lb King Salmon

Aug 2010 Catch of the Day

Aug 2010Pete D & Carzy G BlueFin NJ Charter

Aug 20108.7 lb & 5.6 lb Fluke F/V Splitshot

Aug 2010 Mike posses with bass just prior to release back into the Montauk Rips

Aug 2010Northern Stargazer caught Fundy Bridge on F/V Permanent Waves

July 201032lb Tilefish caught in Hudson canyon w/ club member Bob Petit

July 2010Mike Zullo with 82 lb Bluefin F/V Oceanic

July 2010Nice day of fishing for blue fin on Pauls - F/V Rockitfish

July 2010Fluke fishing at JI Buoy 4-my three sons Anthony S

July 2010Ryan Sullivan's 130.4 lb halibut- Waterfall Alaska

July 2010Charlie G. Fluke by catch

July 2010 Miranda Toback 41#, 10oz Doug Toback  37#, 4oz

July 2010 Jacqueline Toback - 39# Striped Bass

July 2010 DJ Toback with his 31# fish - fought on Doug Toback's lap 

July 2010Bob Bruens  7lb Fluke on F/V Reel Nauti

July 2010Bobby Bruens  32 lb Stripe Bass caught on F/V Reel Nauti

July 2010Vincent Testa's personal best bass 34.4 lbs

June 1962My Dad, John Errett - 1930 - 2010 Fair Seas & Tight Lines Always

June 2010 42+ lbs caught on a Bob Hahn metal lip swimmer from the boat on a bunker school

June 2010 Mike Murray 51.5Lb.  Bass caught on the June full moon F/V Bluejacket II

June 2010Team Four Bells hits the scales again, this time in the Woodcleft Tournament

June 2010 Bob, Rich, and Ron Bohlert - Bass to 42lbs-F/VJoint Effort

June 2010 John Rooney 35lb 4oz bass F/V Joint Effort

June 2010 FHA tourney...Anthony Scarp on the rod 170 lb Mako F/V Rocket Fish

May 2010 BOD

May 2010 Chief Petty Officer with a gift of a flag that was flown over Kabul , Afghanistan

June 2010 252 Thresher 4th Place Hudson Anglers 4 Bells Fishing team

June 2010 Tom Schwender's 5.3lb Fluke caught on the Nauti Boyz

June 2010 First  Place Rodeo Striper 36 lb, Joe Leonardi F/V Rocket Fish

June 2010 2nd Place Rodeo 25 lb Striper 25 lb, Pete Cefi F/V Rocket Fish

May 2010 Wounded Warriors F/V RocketFish

May 2010 Rocket Fish Bass

May 2010 Nick Jahn first 18' Fluke

May 2010 Join the FTC Sunday afternoon 6/8 for Official Dedication of Veterans Plaque

May 2010 30 Lb Bass caught on the F/V Sea Rouge

May 2010 Antony Testa personal best Fluke, 8lb 6oz caught on the South Side of Montauk.

May 2010 Old Glory Flying HI at FTC with TOH & NYS Flags

Apr 2010 : 2010 FTC annual long range cod trip

Apr 2010 Capt. Bob with a Joint Effort Bass on the jig off Rockaway

Mar 2010 Captain's Larry Festa & Ralph Drewes with a catch of Amberjacks & Cobia

Mar 2010 Election Night

Mar 2010Peter McEvoy with Black Drum from chilly flats off Islamorada

Feb 2010 March on Washington, DC

Feb 2010Freeport Rec Center

Feb 2010 March on Washington, DC